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Mac Users Have Always Faced Challenges

Historically, people using Macs have had a much more limited amount of software that they could use with their computers. The amount of Mac users has really grown over the last few years, however even today they only comprise about 8% of the market.

Mac Poker Sites

So it stands to reason that software makers have been less disposed and motivated to make specific versions of their software for Mac users. The fact that Macs can be booted up separately to run windows based software has helped a lot, but at the same time, this can be annoying and if you are running a Windows operating system quite a bit then this kind of defeats the purpose of owning a Mac.

If you are willing to pay for it, you can even get your Mac configured to run both operating systems at the same time, which at least keeps you from having to reboot every time you need to switch back and forth, but not everyone has this capability and ideally you wouldn’t have to bother with any of this if you could just get the software you want in the Mac format.

While things have definitely improved here overall, the online poker industry has been slower to adapt to accommodating Mac users than other industries. I remember a couple of years ago I started to get interested in this topic as I was considering buying a Mac. It’s not that I had any real issues with my Windows based computers over the years, but I’ve always looked to get the best stuff out there and I heard that Macs are the ultimate, so I wanted to at least check them out.

Since I am a serious poker player, to my disappointment I found out that in order to play at the poker sites that I wanted to, I’d have to be running in Windows mode the whole time. There were a few online poker rooms that had Mac versions but they weren’t any that I wanted to play at.

In addition, the poker software that I use, Hold’em Manager, didn’t have a Mac version either, so the whole idea of getting a Mac pretty much went out the window. Now, Poker Tracker 4 has a Mac version, although I’m now using Hold’em Manager 2 and while they still haven’t come up with a Mac version for their product, they are at least saying that it is something that they are looking at down the road. I’m discussing the best Mac sites here, but I recommend you to also check out this site for more Mac compatible poker sites.

Things Are Getting Better Lately Though For Mac Poker Players

Apple Poker SitesSo if you want to run your computer in the straight Mac configuration, you can at least run a top rated stat program with Poker Tracker 3. Perhaps even more importantly, there are now several top rated online poker rooms that have Mac download versions, which I will be reviewing for you here. So it is now possible to play at a great online poker room and also track your own play and that of your opponents without having to bother with Windows at all.

So of course if you have a Mac now, or are considering purchasing one, and you are also a poker player, you will want to know what the best poker sites to play at are that support the Mac operating system. So I’ve come up with a list of the 4 best out there in this category, along with a review for each.

Any of these poker sites are well worth trying out, and all of them have a nice bonus waiting for you just to give them a test drive, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. I’ll be giving my own opinion here, but I leave it up to you to be the ultimate decider of which one you like best, although there’s no reason why you can’t try out more than one or even all of them, as you will be increasing your own experience and knowledge of these poker rooms and will be in a better position to decide for yourself which ones you prefer. So here are the reviews:

Best Mac Friendly Poker Sites 2016
Poker Room Match % Bonus Bonus Code Description
PKR 125% $500 PBC500 Recommended poker bonus
Party Poker 100% $500 PBC500GBP Recommended bonus in GBP
Bet365 Poker 200% $1000 PBC1000 Best possible bonus for Bet365
Bwin 100% $500 Read how to get this bonus Best bonus for bwin


PKR is Mac FriendlyWhat makes PKR so interesting and so appealing to a very fishy segment of the online poker player market is its unique graphics and player setup. PKR offers the internet’s only three dimensional poker experience, and really attracts those who put the coolest graphics above everything else.

As you might expect, these poker players tend to be very low skilled, but that’s exactly what we are looking for. By the way, if you are very low skilled yourself, you want to be playing against very low skilled players as well. Would you rather prefer to get the crap beaten out of you by better players, or play against less skilled ones like yourself and end up doing much better?

If you are a decent player, you have now gone from losing to winning by playing against softer competition. If you are a good player, then you have gone from winning a little to winning a lot, which definitely sounds better.

So is it any wonder why I harp so much on softness of competition in these reviews, and only go with sites that are easy to win money at? This is something that I figured out over 10 years ago when I started playing online poker, and all through the years I’ve been amazed at how many players, most of them in fact, don’t really get the importance of this.

So at PKR you can not only be assured that there will be a high proportion of fish there, there will also be a low proportion of sharks, perhaps the lowest of all online poker sites. The main reason for this is that sharks generally like to play several tables at once, something that is very difficult to do at PKR. This is because your hole cards aren’t displayed face up like every other site, they are face down like a real poker table, and you have to peek at them to see what you have.

So this is more than enough to scare off most good players, who are looking to play more tables then they are now, not less. Now, if you like playing a few at a time this shouldn’t be a big deal, although you can forget playing 12, 16, 24 or more, and this site doesn’t have the kind of traffic to be able to do that at anyway, which is another thing to deter the big multi-tablers, to our delight.

PKR Mac ScreenshotSo you may not care that this poker site is set up more like a video game than a poker room, and that it’s more realistic than other poker sites as well, and I sure don’t. What I do like, and what you should like as well, is the fact that this poker room attracts the fishiest players around and the fish to shark ratio is off the charts in fact. This means more money for us.

By the way, I feel that players put far too much emphasis on playing more tables than they should. I’m an expert player and never play more than one at a time, I’ve tried two and really didn’t like it. However, the reason is that I spend my time getting deeply inside the heads of my opponents and you really can’t do that well at more than one table, even with Hold’em Manager.

Those who play more may find that they can make more per hour right now playing several, but they never really develop their skills properly to be able to move up the stakes. If you want to get better, you have to learn to develop your reads properly, and that takes focus. So this will also allow you to take advantage of some sites such as PKR where the traffic isn’t that great, meaning less tables but a lot more profit per table.

You might want to have accounts at one or more of our recommended Mac poker rooms, but PKR is definitely a good one to have one at, which is why it made my list of top rooms. The minimum deposit at PKR is only $10, which will get you an instant bonus of $5 when using bonus code “PBC5”. If you deposit a little bit more, $25 or above while using bonus code “PBC150”, you’ll walk away with a match up bonus of 100% up to $150, which is recommended for sit n’ go and tournament players. Deposit $125 or more and use bonus code “PBC500”, and they will match your first deposit with 125% up to a maximum of $500 free bonus cash, which is our recommend bonus for cash game players. So you see they definitely make it worth your while to give them a try, no matter the kind of poker player you are.

PKR, like other poker rooms, also offers a VIP program, where you can earn extra cash just for playing there, and the thing I really like about PKR’s program is that once you get promoted to a higher VIP level and greater rewards, the promotion is yours to keep for life and you don’t have to worry about being demoted like you do at every other site.

The biggest bonus at PKR though is, as I’ve been saying, the ridiculously bad play there from your opponents, and that alone makes it well worth your trying them out. In fact, this poker site is too good to pass up on having an account there, especially if you are a newer or struggling player. This may be just what the doctor ordered. Just click on our link to pay them a visit.

Party Poker

Party Poker is Mac FriendlyParty Poker has been a leader in online poker ever since online poker began. They quickly became the world’s favorite online poker site, and retained that title for several years, until they decided to no longer accept Americans a few years back.

These days, they are in the number two position in terms of popularity, behind only Poker Stars, who built up such a strong amount of momentum in the years that they continued to take U.S. players that even after they were forced to stop taking them, they still found themselves ahead of the pack.

Party Poker’s immense popularity over the years wasn’t by accident, as they have always offered their players superior playing experiences at a superior poker site. American players who were no longer allowed to play there tended to long for the good old “Party days” and never were as happy or as profitable as they were back when they were allowed to play at Party Poker.

Party Poker has recently ramped things up even more, with new cool graphics and software which now rivals the best in the industry, and a new and much improved reward program which now pays out much more to players than ever. In fact, every aspect of Party Poker’s operation has been revamped, to offer their players what they now feel is clearly the best online poker playing experience anywhere.

The main appeal of Party Poker all these years has always been the large amount of fish that are to be found there, and this hasn’t changed. As the game of poker has evolved, players have generally tended to improve as the years have gone by, so the concept of fishiness has gone through some real changes, and you no longer see the crazy play that was so common back in earlier days.

However, with the game so tight now at some poker sites, it’s even more important to focus on playing against softer competition. At some sites the games aren’t even beatable anymore no matter how good you are. A lot of the games you see now are folding fests, with the button taking down the blinds in most hands with the best people can hope for is to just beat the rake, and then need to play a mind twisting amount of tables to squeeze out a decent amount in player rewards and be prepared to settle for that as their profit.

Party Poker Mac ScreenshotThat’s not much fun and not much profitable either, although the brighter players, not necessarily the better poker players but the ones that are smart enough to realize that they need to be a lot choosier about where they play, play at the better poker sites such as Party Poker, and do a lot better.

Even if you are a losing player right now, it’s super important to play against easy competition rather than tough competition, and by making Party Poker your main poker site, you will be setting yourself up for success. So in other words, if you are losing, you will lose less at a fishy poker site like Party Poker, and if you are winning, you will win more. This to me seems pretty important indeed, and in fact is by far the most important consideration in choosing a poker site to play at.

Party Poker has been a publicly traded company for a number of years, which really sets them apart from most poker sites due to their entire operation being open to the public. You and I can own a piece of Party Poker by buying shares in the company, so there can be no secrets, and there can be no less than fully ethical dealings, so this increased amount of transparency certainly adds to the level of confidence that players can have in the company that owns their poker site.

Party Poker also recently merged with sports betting giant Bwin, which brought together the two largest publicly traded gaming companies on the London Stock Exchange. This partnership and pooling of experience and expertise has already paid dividends, as both companies have been made stronger and more effective, and this had a lot to do with Party’s new philosophy of working even harder to ensure that their players are treated in the best way possible.

The plan at the time of this writing is to bring Bwin’s poker room over to the Party Poker network, making it even bigger and stronger. There is also a lot of fish that play at bwin’s poker room, coming over from their massive sports betting site, and this will also add further to the quality and softness of competition at Party Poker. So this will serve to make both poker rooms much larger, fishier, and more exciting.

Players who have never had an account at Party Poker are treated to a nice welcome bonus, where Party Poker will double their initial deposit, up to 500 of the currency they deposit in. You can deposit in USD, CAD, EUR, or GBP, but to get the most out of the deal, deposit in GBP which provides the most bonus money. It doesn’t matter where you live, as you can deposit in whatever currency you choose.

The rewards don’t stop there though, as once you’ve collected all of your bonus money, Party Poker will continue to lavish you with their VIP program, where the more you play, the more rewards you get. As you accumulate Party Points, you can move up the VIP levels to higher and higher payouts. Party Poker’s reward program is among the most generous in the business, and pays out tons of cash to its players every day.

If you don’t have an account at Party Poker yet, by all means click on our link to them and find out what you have been missing.

Bet365 Poker

Bet365 Poker is Mac FriendlyBet365 has been a leader in the world of sports betting for several years, with one of the world’s largest online bookmaking operations. There are a lot of sports betting sites that have also branched out to host a poker room as well, but very few have seen the success that Bet365 has. This isn’t surprising, since Bet365 has managed to beat most of them in the sports betting business, so it stands to reason that they would be able to do this as well at poker.

When it came down to choosing a poker network for its poker room, Bet365 didn’t mess around, and joined the world’s largest, iPoker. iPoker isn’t just the largest online poker network though, they are among the top 3 most popular places to play poker online period, along with Poker Stars and Party Poker.

Bet365 Poker has risen to become one of the flagship sites on the iPoker Network, in spite of Bet365 only promoting poker to their own sports bettors. iPoker is full of other sports betting based poker rooms, as well as several smaller poker only operations, and they all share the same traffic and the same tables.

There are over 60 different poker rooms which are partnered on the network. The concept of the poker network has been a great addition to the world of online poker, as it has allowed a lot of smaller poker sites who would have no chance to make it on their own to not only survive, but flourish. Bet365’s poker room in itself is probably big enough to make it on their own, but all the additional traffic and especially all the additional fish that all these other poker rooms bring to the game is certainly a big plus.

There are two main types of poker players who play online, which can be broken down into the casual player and the serious one. Casual players play the game mostly for fun, and generally not very well. These are the so called fish, who lose money consistently but don’t really mind doing so. They may wish to get better someday and become winning players, but they really don’t know how and don’t really put much effort into it.

Serious players study the game extensively and also tend to play at poker sites like Poker Stars, and Full Tilt back when they were running. They may read poker books, watch videos, participate on forums such as 2+2, spend countless hours studying their game away from the table, use programs such as Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker, and so on. Since they tend to play a lot at tougher sites, this does toughen their game up a lot and they especially benefit from watching all the highly skilled regulars that play with them.

Bet365 Poker Mac ScreenshotSo we really want as many casual players as we can find and at the same time as few sharks as possible. So poker rooms which promote themselves outside the world of poker, like Bet365 Poker, are ideal. You will always see at least some sharks, but if most of the players are fish, then there are plenty of fish to go around. If instead there are 10 sharks for every fish, like you see at some poker sites, well there really isn’t any money to be made.

So Bet365 Poker, like the other poker sites on our recommended list of Mac poker sites, has a very nice fish to shark ratio. What is even better is that, given that most of the players there aren’t very good, the fish don’t really stand out from the crowd, and see most of their opponents playing a tight aggressive style, where they may be inclined to imitate these players and get better in the process.

To illustrate the importance of softness of competition, I like to use an analogy where you are a professional arm wrestler, and you are choosing where to compete at. At one place the players are weak and you can beat most of them and make money. At another, it’s full of really strong guys, and most of them could beat you, and it’s no benefit that there are more of them than at the other place, or that they have beautiful women you can look at in between losing money match after match.

So when it comes down to what’s important, this is by far what matters, and this is why I spend so much time preaching the virtues of the ease of competition at my recommended poker sites. However, this doesn’t mean that the other stuff doesn’t matter as well, and Bet365 Poker certainly does have these other things in abundance.

For starters, they offer all new players a whopping 200% of your initial deposit, up to a total of $1000 in free bonus cash. So if you deposit $100, you are eligible for an extra $200 in bonus money, and so on, up to the maximum of putting in $500 and getting $1000 in free cash. By the way, if it were simply a matter of picking the best bonus offer, I would just be reviewing one room for you, the highest, but no one says you just need to get paid once here, and you can cash in on several of these if you want.

In fact, one of the secrets to building up your bankroll is to cash in on several bonus offers, although you do want to stick to the good ones. It does you harm in fact to try out sites which aren’t worthwhile, where you can end up losing the bonus money plus all of your own as well. This is why it’s important to stick to our recommendations of the best sites.

Bet365’s poker room is first class all the way, with tons of promotions, generous player rewards where the more you play the more you earn, and much more. This is one of the sites where you can’t go wrong in trying out, so if you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to click on our link to them and get paid to check them out.


Bwin Poker is Mac FriendlyTopping off my list of the 4 best poker sites that offer Mac downloads is super sports book Bwin. As mentioned, Bwin has recently merged with Party Gaming to form a super online betting company which is looking to be second to none in the industry, and if what they have done already is any indication, they very well may achieve this goal.

Like Party Poker, players at Bwin can enjoy sports betting and casino games as well as poker all from the same account. Bwin’s sports betting operation in particular is among both the largest and highest rated around, and is a favorite of many professional sports bettors.

Their poker room has also benefited from the sharing of expertise with Party Poker since their merger. Both poker rooms in fact underwent significant improvements as a result of their business partnership, although it was Bwin who ended up affecting Party Poker the most.

If was felt that Party Poker was too much on the complacent side, resting on their laurels too much so to speak, in contrast to Bwin, who in the fiercely competitive market of sports betting, where the odds are pretty similar across the dozens of top sports books and success really comes down to how well you take care of your players and how well your operation is run, had more to bring to the table.

So now both sites are really ramped up, and among the features that they both provide is full access to players who like to play on Mac computers. All you need to do is select Mac as your preferred download and you are set to go.

Bwin’s welcome bonus for first time players on their site is similar to Party’s, with new players being treated to having their initial deposit doubled in bonus money, up to a maximum of $500. They also give you 10 free tickets to exclusive depositors freerolls, in addition to starting you out with 1000 VIP points, so you can hit the ground running as far as collecting their nice assortment of rewards to thank you for playing at their poker site.

Given the sheer size of their sports betting operation, most of the poker players at Bwin come over from that side of the business, rather than their recruiting experienced and skilled poker players like some sites do. This reduces their marketing costs on the poker end of things, so they are in a position to give back even more to their players through rewards and promotions.

The biggest benefit of this though has to do with the type of players that you typically see playing poker at Bwin. It can be a frustrating experience these days playing at some poker sites where it seems all of the players are good and there’s so little action going on because just about everyone is a tight aggressive.

Bwin Poker Mac ScreenshotThis can be especially challenging for newer or struggling players who often get pounded on by every other player at the table, and more lining up on the waiting list just to get a shot at them personally.

I’m an expert player and I can tell you that even I am not interested in these games since there’s so little margin for profit no matter how good you are. So the downside is a lot bigger at these sites and the upside is a lot less so these aren’t poker sites that anyone should want to be playing at.

So at sites like Bwin, and all my top recommended sites for Mac players, you don’t see all that many good players, and while there are some, there are plenty of fish to go around. This is because most of the players there are, once again, primarily sports bettors and haven’t spent hundreds of hours away from the table watching top pros play on videos and hanging around poker forums.

So once again, the main attraction of Bwin is the relative softness of their games. In fact, the big time serious poker players out there stay away from poker sites like this because they can’t play the 18 or 24 tables that they like to play at the same time. This is definitely a plus for us since these players tend to win money, not lose it. It’s losers that we are interested in, and there are plenty of them at Bwin.

So I definitely recommend Bwin Poker to any player looking for a good Mac poker site, or even if you’re just looking for a good poker site period. All of my recommendations are top notch poker sites and now that great sites like these are offering Mac downloads, those who run Macs no longer have to settle for second rate.

Like Party Poker, Bwin also has been a publicly traded company for many years, and their reputation has been impeccable. As mentioned, the two are part of the same company now, looking to form a super online gaming enterprise who are looking to continue to build on their successes and get better and better as time passes.

The bottom line here though is that Bwin is as solid of a choice as you can make in the online gaming industry, and it’s a real benefit to be assured that the company that you have your online money with is so solid and respected.

So click on our link to check out everything that Bwin Poker has to offer, or perhaps you’d prefer to start out with one of the other top Mac poker sites on this list. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, and all of them are standing ready to pay you generously to give them a try.