International Poker Network

The Road Less Traveled Is Often The One You Want To Take

The International Poker Network has been around for a good many years now, and perhaps due to its sticking to an assortment of obscure poker rooms, they never did achieve the fame that some of the other poker networks gained.

Still though, they have maintained a consistent following over the years, and while they don’t have as much traffic as the biggest poker sites and networks, it’s always remained pretty decent.

International Poker NetworkDecent though is all that you really need to make a poker site or network desirable. When it comes to traffic, it’s never really a matter of playing where the most people play, it’s considering poker sites that run enough games and tables to make it worth your having an account there, if the kind of traffic that they have is the desirable kind.

That’s certainly the case on the International Poker Network. Less people know about this network, and a lot of those who have heard about it tend to stay away because they don’t think that there are enough players there to make playing there worth their while.

As you will see as you read this review, this is not the case at all and results from mere confusion about what makes a poker site great. Often times it pays to go against what the masses do, and this is very often true when it comes to selecting online poker sites. So the road less traveled is often the best road to take, and at the very least, is one worth exploring.

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The International Poker Network Has Always Been Very Fishy

I remember years ago sending a lot of newer poker students over to this network in order to ramp up their bankroll. These players were only learning the game, and still losing money, and I felt that they would really benefit from playing at some of the softer poker sites out there. So I recommended that they take a bonus tour, playing at a few sites, and collecting some nice bonuses for trying them out.

Now I had played on all of these sites myself and in spite of being a higher stakes player, I spent some time trying out the lower stakes as well for the benefit of my students. What I saw was a collection of very bad players who couldn’t wait to give their money away. The International Poker Network was a real big hit among my students as well. Players would try out a few sites, get to here, and do so well that they didn’t want to leave, in spite of very nice bonus money available elsewhere.

Some of the students never left the International Poker Network in fact, and others had to be really prodded to try out some other sites, and a lot went back to the International Poker Network once they completed their tour.

Now there were other players who ended up liking some of the other great sites that I had them try, but there was no doubt that the International Poker Network ended up being very popular among these poker students. After only a few lessons, many of them would be crushing the low stakes games there, and start working themselves up the ladder to higher and higher stakes. I would coach them at the tables and I couldn’t believe myself how bad the competition was there.

So while the game has really tightened up in general over the years since, the International Poker Network remains one of the fishiest places to play online poker period, and is especially great for newer players who are still looking to figure out enough about the game to start making money.

Often times, your problem isn’t that you aren’t good enough, it’s that your opponents aren’t bad enough, and by playing against weaker opponents, that often solves your problem right there. Regardless, it’s always better to play against weaker opponents rather than stronger ones, and the players on the International Poker Network are of the most desirable type.

Should You Just Look To Play At One Poker Site?

One of the things that really tends to confuse a lot of poker players, especially the more experienced ones, is thinking that they should just stick to one poker site. New players usually can only play at one at a time, since their bankroll will only allow them to play at one for now.

High stakes players though often learn that it’s best to have accounts at several good sites, and I have one at all of the good places to play around the internet. Those of us who have figured this out have come to really understand the huge benefits that being able to select the best tables around provides.

However, for whatever reason, a great many experienced low to mid stakes players don’t see it this way. Maybe they are just lazy, maybe they have been sucked in too much by the slick marketing that some of the bigger poker sites use, maybe it’s a little of both.

So these players see the places like the International Poker Network as being too light for them in terms of traffic. This is especially the case for those who like to play a lot of tables, and even at the lowest stakes, you just can’t play that many at once on a poker network like this.

A lot of these players have painted themselves into such a corner with their confusion that they think that they can only play at the very biggest poker sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt. With Full Tilt out of action, this means they are down to one single poker site, the one that’s by far the toughest to make money at, and one that even very good players take a regular beating at. If you’re not very good, well don’t even talk, there will be literally dozens of excellent players who smell your blood and line up to clean you out.

The smarter players like ourselves, and you’re included in this since I’m telling you the real secret here, is that we always look to play at the most profitable tables regardless of what site they are on. So if you want to play 4 tables, they might be at 4 different sites, depending on how things are looking at any given time.

So this requires that we expand our horizons and our opportunities and have accounts at several of the best poker rooms out there. The International Poker Network is definitely one of those. Even if you’re not at this stage now to have multiple poker accounts, this is a great place to start, and once you have tried it out, you’ll also benefit from the first hand experience that you will gain by doing so.

Quick And Easy Software, Great Service, Nice Rewards, Fast Cashouts

Boss MediaAlthough the software used by Boss Media, the owner of the International Poker Network, hasn’t changed all that much over the years, that’s because it has worked so well that they didn’t want to mess with it, nor have they really had to.

It’s very clean and fast, and that’s certainly one of the most important features that we look for in poker software. Some software has really tried to make it more feature and graphics rich, but this sometimes comes at a price. The software that the International Poker Network won’t blow you away, but it’s nice and crisp and easy to use, and that’s what we should be looking for.

The service at the poker rooms on the International Poker Network, particularly that of our top recommended room there, Poker Kings, is excellent, and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with all of the help that you need when you need it.

They not only reward you for trying them out, after you’ve collected that free money from them, they continue to roll out the free cash for you, and the more you play the more you get. When it’s time to cash out your winnings, your transactions are processed promptly and efficiently, which is one of the most loved features of this network in fact.

Those Who Play On The International Poker Network Really Love It

One of the things that has impressed me the most is the extent of all of the great feedback that I’ve gotten from players here. Those in the know who have the International Poker Network among their repertoire of places to play online poker simply love it.

I base a fair bit of my recommendations on how other players perceive a poker site, and the International Poker Network is a site which just about all players really appreciate. While I always like to help players out with expert advice, in the end it’s all about just getting people to try out poker sites and then make up their own minds about it, and the amount of players that have decided that this is indeed a great place to play is up there with any poker site.

Of course, it’s always satisfying to help people out, especially newer players or those who have been struggling and losing a bunch of money along the way. When I read all of the success stories that I’ve had a hand with it always makes me glad that another player has been pointed in the right direction and is on their way to the kind of success they had hoped for when they started playing this game,

As Always, A Lot Depends On Which Site On A Network You Play At

While your experience will be quite similar with any site on the International Poker Network, as you’re playing with the same software, at the same tables and against the same players, there are still some significant differences that occur between member poker sites.

So the first step is to decide that you want to try out this network, which is something that is definitely worth doing. The second step is to choose a poker site, or skin, on this network to try out.

Poker KingsThe best poker sites on a network have the experience and the expertise to take care of us as poker players, and also show their generosity toward us in lavishing us with bonuses, rewards, and promotions. Our overall pick for you is Poker Kings, who have been doing this for quite a while and really stand out among the rest of the poker sites on the International Poker Network.

Poker Kings is one of the fastest growing poker rooms in the world, and is regulated under very strict conditions to ensure that your experience there is as safe and reliable as it is enjoyable. Their promotions on the International Poker Network are second to none and they work hard to make their players has happy as they can.

So to give them a try and have them match your initial deposit with them, where you will receive up to 300 Euros in free cash, just click on our link to them and let the enjoyment and winning begin!