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888 has been a leader in providing online entertainment for many years now. Since they got into the online gaming market, they have had the world’s most popular online casino, 888.com. What impresses me the most about this is that when it comes to online casinos, they all offer pretty much the same games, and the only real thing separating them is their comparative level of service that they provide.

888 Poker Network

So when it comes to their poker network, these are the kind of people that you want to see running them. While there are separate considerations that apply to poker rooms and networks that don’t apply to casinos, which are the amount and kind of players that play there, there’s no question that the way that a poker site takes care of its players is still a prominent consideration.

So it’s really no surprise that the level of service on the 888 Poker Network is excellent, and when I say service here, I don’t just mean customer service, I mean everything that applies to the running of a poker site aside from the players.

So as you will see, the 888 Poker Network is an outstanding place to play poker, which is driven by 888’s considerable experience and expertise at taking care of their players, which has led to their standing out as the premier gaming site on the internet for many years now.

When you add in the other factors that apply here, which are the extent and weakness of their player base, the 888 Poker Network truly shines and may very well be the ultimate place to play poker online.

Best Site on the 888 Poker Network
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Pacific Poker

Back in the early days of online poker, 888 looked to capitalize on their success in the online casino business by branching out to poker. Thus, Pacific Poker was born. I’ve played at this site since it first opened, and it was definitely one of the very best places to play online poker right from the start, and still clearly is.

Pacific PokerI was fortunate enough to be one of the people in the know since the early days, and the idea behind Pacific Poker really got me excited. They didn’t market to poker players like the other poker sites did, and instead relied on promoting it to their massive player base at 888.com.

So what happened is that most experienced poker players, the ones you really want to avoid playing, either never heard of this site or didn’t really take it that seriously, and this left their poker site chock full of the kind of poker players that are perfect to play against, which are inexperienced casino players.

Pacific Poker Comes Up With The Perfect Poker Experience

Of all of the types of players that you can go up against, casino players are best. They don’t really know how to play the game well and are also used to losing large amounts of money. You get a lot of problem gamblers as well, who don’t know when to stop, although that means they don’t know when to stop losing money to us, so their problem is definitely our big gain.

Over the years, I’ve played at every poker site out there worth playing at, and I’ve probably played more at Pacific Poker than all other poker sites combined. This is because this is where I’ve made the most money, and it was only when I moved well up the stakes that I even started looking to see what was out there for me at other poker sites and networks.

They still don’t really market to poker players like some poker sites do, and the reason isn’t that they don’t have the resources, it’s because they don’t want their poker site overrun with good players who will suck the blood out of their casino players. So if too many of their players go broke too fast, this will not only cause people to leave, this will also end up reducing the profit they make off of these players at their casino.

So I couldn’t be happier with all of this, and this leaves us players in the know who aren’t confused about what really makes a poker site great, which is loads of bad players playing there, in a great position to take advantage of all of this. So I invite you to join us in the exploitation of these players and the chances are high that this poker network will at the very least become one of your favorites as well.

Pacific Poker Becomes 888 Poker

Like some other very successful poker sites, things were running so well at Pacific Poker that they didn’t really feel the need to make many changes. There were a few things that could have stood some improvement, like their software and their rewards program.

888 PokerPacific Poker really didn’t have to pay out much in rewards as just playing there was the big reward. Their software went years without an upgrade and it was pretty dull looking to start with. However that’s not really much of a reason to play at one poker site over another anyway, so they weren’t worried about anyone leaving on account of it.

However, recently 888 re-branded their poker room to bring it in line with their main business, and the name became changed to 888 Poker. The changes weren’t just in name though as they revamped the entire poker site, with flashy new software that is now state of the art, and a generous new rewards program that now rivals the best in the industry.

This move now allows their players to move seamlessly between their different offerings of poker and casino games, in addition to their new and exciting additions of sports betting, games, and bingo. So 888 now offers one stop shopping when it comes to betting on the internet, and all of the different forms of betting offer the same exemplary quality that 888 has been famous for all of these years.

The 888 Poker Network

Following the trend of some other poker sites, 888 Poker has expanded their operations to incorporate several other poker sites within their poker dominion. These other smaller sites bring additional players to the network, and this has expanded the amount of traffic and the amount of fish that now play there.

All of these other poker rooms, while independently owned, must subscribe to 888’s very high standards, as the idea here isn’t to just add players, it’s to also improve things overall. 888 has been very successful in doing this and while it would have been difficult to imagine things getting even better at 888 Poker, this move certainly accomplished that.

So all of these recent changes have catapulted the 888 Poker Network from a B poker site in terms of overall traffic to an A one. They are now the fourth busiest place to play poker in the world. All of this increased traffic though wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t mean a lot more fish, but that’s exactly what the 888 Poker Network has accomplished.

Find Out What You’ve Been Missing

I’ve referred way more players over to 888 Poker over the years than I could ever hope to count, and there’s no poker site which I’ve consistently gotten so much great feedback on. What I end up hearing is how happy players are that I turned them on to this great poker site and how much better they are doing now versus where they had been playing before.

So if you have not tried out the 888 Poker Network yet, you simply don’t know what you are missing. They will even pay you nicely to try them out with their generous welcome bonuses and other incentives. The real benefit though is seeing how much better you will do playing here. So there’s no need to wait, just click on our link to them and get ready to take your poker results to the next level and beyond.