Microgaming Poker Network

Microgaming Is A Worldwide Leader In Online Gaming

Microgaming is the world’s leader in online gaming software, boasting a network of over 100 online casinos and over 40 poker rooms. Their history goes all the way back to 1994, when they established themselves as a leading provider of online casino software, and eventually become the most preferred provider out there.

Microgaming Poker NetworkSo their significant experience and expertise certainly comes through in their software applications, which are really designed with the needs of players in mind. They avoid the pitfalls of some other software programs, which may be pretty flashy but run too slowly due to their very large file sizes.

Microgaming software is designed to be both fast and very user friendly, with only the things in it that you really need and want, and none of the excess baggage. It is also designed with a level of sophistication that speaks loudly of their esteemed position in the gaming software market. While the quality of gaming software isn’t the most important thing in choosing a site to play at, it still is fairly important, and Microgaming certainly delivers the goods here.

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The Microgaming Poker Network

Back in 2003, when online poker was starting to really take off in terms of popularity, the people at Microgaming had an idea. They had a massive player base on their very large online casino network, and decided that it was worth a try to come up with a great poker software program and then license it to poker rooms.

It’s often challenging for poker rooms to get off the ground, as people don’t really want to play at poker sites that don’t have much traffic. So they pitched the idea to their partnered casinos and a lot of them thought it was definitely worth trying out. Once enough casinos were on board, the project was started, and it was an immediate success.

Now, it didn’t really matter how few players a budding poker site had, as they would be joining a large established network, and offering their players access to the large player base that the poker network enjoyed. So as time went on, more and more poker rooms were added, making this poker network even more and more popular, and adding to the value of playing there in turn.

Prima Poker NetworkBack then, it was called the Prima Network, an apt name since it has always been one of the real premium places to play poker online. Lately, the name has been changed to the Microgaming Network, after the company who owns it.

While Microgaming owns the network, all of its partnered poker rooms are all individually owned and operated, although Microgaming has put into place strict quality control standards, to ensure that all players are provided with a high quality experience at any and all of the partnered poker rooms on the network.

Today, the Microgaming Poker Network has over 40 individual poker rooms on it. They aren’t all identical though, even though all offer the same tables and the same player base. There are other factors which do differ though, such as the generosity that a given poker room has towards sharing their profits with their players, or how well established and trusted a certain poker room is.

So in addition to explaining to you why it is a very good idea to at least try out this top rated poker network, for your benefit, we will also be providing to you our top picks among all of the poker rooms the Microgaming Poker Network, to make things very easy for you as far as knowing which ones are definitely worth checking out.

Microgaming’s Bonuses And Rewards

Not having previously tried out a poker room is a big advantage to you, as you can collect some very nice bonuses just for giving them a try. It’s like you have a pocketful of special tokens to spend, but they won’t do you any good having them just sit in your pocket, as you have to trade them in for cash.

Now, given that you are already looking to play online poker, or you wouldn’t be reading this, then your choice is between playing wherever you play now and not collecting any more bonus, or trying out a very good poker site and getting paid. So it’s no wonder why poker bonuses are so popular.

Our top recommended poker rooms on the Microgaming Network all have these bonuses waiting for you to stop by and collect them. Of course you’ll have to play some poker there to collect them, but once again, you are going to be playing online poker anyway, do your decision here comes down to whether you want to get paid or not, and I know that you do.

In addition to that, these top poker rooms also reward you for your play after you have collected all of your bonus money. They want you to be happy and to continue playing there, and player rewards are one of the ways which they do it. It’s up to you whether you want to keep playing at your chosen room or try out another one, but they will bribe you to stay so to speak if that’s what you end up choosing.

Microgaming Traffic And Softness Of Competition

Microgaming doesn’t have the busiest poker network, but they do have plenty of traffic nonetheless. The big thing with the Microgaming Network, as is also the case with some other poker networks, is that very few real poker players have ever heard of the rooms on it, let alone play there.

So this is a great situation for those of us in the know, which includes you as well at this point, is that there are a great many casual players there who have come over from Microgaming’s casinos, and these are the ideal types of players to play against.

There’s nothing better than playing against a lot of casino players who are accustomed to losing and generally don’t know what they are doing. These are the players who make the casinos rich, very rich, and with our superior poker skills, we are the house against them and therefore just have to wait until they end up depositing their money in our accounts.

So this is the main reason why I regard the Microgaming Network so highly, and even though they might not have quite as much traffic as some other networks, what they do have is of very high quality.

Microgaming Game Variety And Tournaments

Microgaming PokerThe Microgaming Poker Network does have a very nice selection of different forms and formats of poker, including some that you don’t see a lot of elsewhere, like 5 card stud and razz. You might not see a lot of people playing these off track games but at least they offer them here.

In addition to their wide selection of different cash games, Microgaming poker sites also offer millions of dollars worth of poker tournaments each month. There is both a lot of them and a lot of money being given away, and many of their tournaments offer big overlays, which means that the poker sites kick in a lot of their own money to go along with the prize pool collected from the entrants, making them a much better value than your average poker tournament.

In addition to offering poker, many Microgaming sites also offer casino games, sports betting, and other forms of online gaming. This offers poker players there a nice opportunity to add more variety to what they play,. If you enjoy one or more of these other forms of betting, you will be able to play poker and get your other gambling fixes all from the same site, which is definitely convenient.

Microgaming Security And Trustworthiness

Since Microgaming oversees all of its member poker sites, you can play with the assurance that a poker room’s trustworthiness goes beyond just the poker site itself. One of the real beauties of playing on a poker network is that the owners of the network need to make sure that everything is completely up to their standards. So should something fall even a little short of this, they will step in and make sure the situation gets resolved properly.

In addition to that, Microgaming is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man authority, perhaps the most respected and trusted regulating body in the industry. They are the people who kept Poker Stars in line and through their stringent regulation. Poker Stars were able to survive the massive hit they received from Black Friday, where the other poker sites that were attacked did not. Everyone’s money was kept safe, with no monkey business going on whatsoever, and that’s what you can expect at Microgaming as well.

So This Is Definitely A Poker Network You Want To Try Out

Whether you are a new player or an experienced veteran, if you’ve never tried our top recommended poker rooms on the Microgaming Poker Network, you owe it to yourself to do so. I know quite a few online poker players who ended up loving it here this ended up being their favorite place to play.

It could end up being your favorite as well but you will never know unless you try them out, and get paid a nice amount of money to do it. So just click on our links to them and give it a go.