Everleaf Poker Network

The Everleaf Poker Network Is A Real Bargain Basement Special

It used to be that there were quite a few off the beaten track poker sites that you could find significantly superior action at. As the years have passed though, a lot of these fairly secretive sites became more and more known to more and more people.

Everleaf Poker NetworkWith this notoriety came some good players who were looking to feast on the large schools of fish that swam at these sites. Although many of these previously lesser known poker sites are still excellent places to play, the less good players a poker site or network has, the better, even if they don’t have as many players playing there as the more popular poker sites do.

So the Everleaf Poker Network is one of the last real diamonds in the rough out there. The traffic there doesn’t really rival the bigger sites, and this really serves to drive the better players away, which is exactly what we want. The Everleaf Network at the time of this writing is 29th overall in terms of poker traffic, and that’s well far enough down the list to attract only the most unsophisticated players and the most sophisticated as well, who understand the value of shopping in the basement.

So What If Everleaf Doesn’t Have That Much Traffic?

I did say this poker network should be very appealing to the most sophisticated players, and after I explain to you why this is the case, this will place you in this category as well as far as players who are truly in the know as far as what makes a poker site or network desirable to have an account at.

There are several levels of traffic that poker sites offer which satisfy your needs to various degrees. Different players have different needs, which vary by stakes played and number of tables played at the same time. Now the mistake that the overwhelming majority of players tend to make is to think that they need to just play at one site, or even one site at a time.

What ends up happening as a result of this distorted thinking is that they end up limiting themselves, and sometimes severely limiting themselves, as far as their ability to play in the most profitable games out there for their current stake or stakes.

The Everleaf Poker Network is a perfect example of how this thinking can go wrong. Now it doesn’t matter what stakes you play or how many tables you like to play, if there is a table running at Everleaf that is more profitable than the least profitable table you are currently at, and you don’t have the ability to play at this table on Everleaf, you’ve made a mistake.

Of course, if you don’t have an account on the Everleaf Network, you won’t have an opportunity to take advantage of this, which is why a smaller network like this needs to be in the arsenal of all players.

Just How Thin Is The Traffic On The Everleaf Poker Network Anyway?

Of course, if it is rare that a poker site or network offers these opportunities, then it may not be worth the trouble, and there are certainly a lot of places like this, with traffic so light that no one should really be playing there. The Everleaf Network is far from that thin though and overall is a very nice site to have in your repertoire of poker rooms that you have an account at.

If you are a new player or play the smaller stakes, then you probably don’t have the bankroll to play at more than one site, but there’s plenty of action at these small stakes to keep you from needing to have accounts at additional sites right now.

As you move up the stakes, you will find that you will have to expand your poker business to other top recommended sites that we have for you, but that’s actually a big part of managing your opportunities and maximizing your profitability.

As you will see though once you give this poker network a try, the games here are well above average even when compared to good poker sites. As I’ve said, it’s all about the ratio of fish to good players, and the ratio at the Everleaf Poker Network is among the very best.

Don’t Make The Mistake That So Many Poker Players Make

I’m constantly amazed at how many poker players have formed strong opinions about this or that poker site without ever trying it or even knowing much about it at all. Almost all good poker players will stick their noses up in the air at places like Everleaf and others, and some even think that the only place to play poker is at PokerStars, which by the way is by far the worst place to play, since it is full of sharks and have very few fish.

What we want instead is mostly fish and very few sharks, and that’s exactly what a poker site like the Everleaf Poker Network provides, in spades. Now this is something that I look for at all the poker sites that I play at and recommend to others, but there are definitely degrees of fishiness here. For the same of comparison, Everest is among the fishiest out there period.

Everleaf Gaming

Everleaf recently exited the U.S. market due to pressure from the U.S. government, but unless you are from the U.S., that is definitely a good thing. Not only do U.S. players tend to be better on average, due to only the better players even knowing that it is possible to play online poker anymore, the Everleaf Network has now gotten out of the war that continues to go on between the U.S. and sites still servicing that market.

So in other words, the threat of having their sites closed down or otherwise meddled with is now gone, and that’s definitely to our advantage. You don’t have to look any further than what happened to Full Tilt Poker to see what can happen when you take on Uncle Sam. Everleaf Poker players no longer have that to worry about, and that’s a big benefit indeed.

Of course this means that there’s even less traffic on the Everleaf Poker Network, but once again, we aren’t really concerned with quantity, but quality, meaning fishiness. So the quality just went up here recently, making the Everleaf Poker Network an even more attractive place to play online poker.

Everleaf Is Also A Nice Stop On Your Bonus Whoring Tour

Like all poker sites these days, poker rooms on the Everleaf Poker Network offer new depositors generous welcome bonuses. In other words, they pay you just to try them out and play there for a while.

Many players over the years have actively looked to take advantage of all of these offers at various poker rooms, and people have even come up with a term for this, bonus whoring. That might not sound very complimentary, but the people who have done this aren’t complaining, as there are literally tens of thousands of dollars out there just sitting there waiting for you to claim it.

Needless to say, this can provide a huge bankroll boost for players who take advantage of these great opportunities, in addition to gaining valuable first hand experience. However, it’s very important to only stick to the better sites, meaning the easiest ones to win at. If you play at a tough site and get their bonus but lose that and more, then you are not helping yourself with these bonus offers, you are hurting yourself.

So the poker rooms on the Everleaf Poker Network are perfect for this, as they have among the softest competition anywhere on the internet. If you just want to grab the money for trying them out and then try out more of our top recommended poker sites, then that’s perfectly up to you, and there’s nothing that poker sites can do to stop you from loading up your pockets with their money.

You also might want to stick around at Everleaf to build your bankroll the more traditional way, which is taking money from the weak players that play there. You might want to try out some other sites and then eventually have accounts at several, with Everleaf being one of them, so you can substantially increase your opportunity to play at the most profitable tables at any given time across several poker sites, which is a real key to success especially once you get to the higher stakes.

In any case, give this poker network a try and collect the money that they want to give to you, and then whatever you do after that is up to you. Just click on our links to one of our top recommended poker rooms on the Everleaf Poker Network right now and start seeing for yourself why I like this poker network so much.