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For your convenience, we’ve put together an overview of all the great information that you will find on our site This page serves as a cheat sheet for our site, and here you will find everything you need to make the most informed decisions possible, in terms of deciding which poker rooms are best to try out, and collect loads of bonus money for doing just that.

Site MapYou’re also welcome to check out our home page as well, although this one has all of the important links on it which you will need.  So since we’re all about making your user experience on our site as good as we can make it, we’ve come up with this comprehensive page for you, to assist you in navigating what we have to offer you more easily.

We’ve also included some brief reviews of our top rated poker bonus sites, and also broken them down into three separate categories, gold, silver, and bronze.  You will also find handy links to the main reviews of each site, in addition to the separate sections on bonuses and tournaments which we provide.

As well, after we take you through a brief tour of our top poker rooms, we also have some other information and links of interest for you, as you will see as you read further down.  Our goal is to be your one stop spot for poker site information, and we have worked very hard as you will see to make our extensive poker room expertise available to you in a convenient yet very detailed format.  So enjoy our site and this cheat sheet page! Site Reviews

Each of our top recommended poker rooms has three separate sections.  First, there is a page which gives you an overview of the bonuses that we’ve lined up for you at the specific poker rooms.

Next we have a separate page for tournament players, where we give you an overview of the site’s tournament action.  Finally, we provide a comprehensive review of the poker room, explaining in detail all the aspects of it that make it a top selection for us.

So each of our introductions to our top poker sites that you see below have links under them, to the three pages that we have set up for you, in order for you to get more details on each offer before you make your decision to try them out.  So here’s our list of Gold, Silver, and Bronze recommendations:

Gold Poker Sites

Although all of our top recommended poker rooms are well worth trying out, especially given the nice bonuses that they all are ready to give you, there are four poker sites which particularly stand out.  So these are our “gold poker sites,” and we’ve provided a brief review for you to give you a taste of what they have to offer:

 Club WPT

Club WPTThe wait is over for those of you from the USA who have longed for 100% legal poker.  Club WPT is completely legal in most states in the U.S.  For a small flat monthly fee of $19.95, you get access to all the real money tournaments you can play, in addition to many other benefits.  Never lose a dime at poker again!

Party Poker

Party Poker earns their Gold award simply for being so fantastic at everything.  What do you get when you take one of the most loved poker sites of all time, and drastically improve everything about it?  The new Party Poker!

Party Poker

Silver Poker Sites

While the Gold poker sites are the best of the best that we offer, there are several other poker sites that we also rank highly.  The next in line are our Silver rated poker sites, which are also well worth trying, especially since they will all pay you to do so.

Bwin Poker

Bwin PokerLast but not least among our Silver poker sites is Bwin.  Like Bet 365, they are an industry leader in the online sports betting business who have expanded their operations to include an online poker room.  Bwin has also merged with Party Poker to not only form the world’s largest gaming company, but to put their heads together and make both operations better.  They have definitely succeeded in doing this.

888 Poker

888 PokerFormerly known for years as Pacific Poker, this has always been one of the best places to play poker online, especially if you like to play against weak players.  Most of their players come over from their huge casino, and aren’t all that good at poker.  This means they are easier to beat and that’s always a good thing.

Bronze Poker Sites

Don’t let the fact that the following poker sites are categorized as Bronze poker rooms fool you.  These are all outstanding poker sites.  All of the poker sites that we recommend are most certainly worth trying out and collecting the bonus money at.

  • There are currently no Bronze poker rooms listed.

 Unrecommended Sites

Titan Poker – AVOID

Titan PokerTitan is a perfect example of how good ownership really makes a big difference.  They used to own Noble Poker, which was once the leading poker room at iPoker, sold it for a bunch of money and started from scratch with Titan.  It wasn’t long before Titan became number one, by far, which continues to this day.  That is no accident though, as they really know how to take care of their players.

Ladbrokes Poker – AVOID

Ladbrokes PokerLadbrokes is one of the premiere names in gambling.  They have been taking bets for well over a century and have brought their incredible amount of experience and success to the online gaming world.  Their poker room is of the same level of quality that customers of Ladbrokes have come to expect, therefore making it well worth your attention.

Redkings Poker – AVOID

Redkings PokerRedkings are one of the newer kids on the block, but they are very hungry for your business and are more than willing to prove it.  Their bonuses and rewards are among the best out there.  They also have some innovative ideas and are not afraid to think outside the box.  If you are looking to get paid to try out a poker room, this is another one worth collecting from.


PKRThere are two main factors which propelled PKR to our gold list.  First, they offer the most realistic poker around, and their 3D setup and other features make this as close to real poker as you can get!  The second and most important reason is that these extreme graphics attract the fishiest players around, which means more success for you!


Carbon PokerCarbon Poker is another great site which players from the U.S. can play at.  They have been accepting players from the USA for years and while a lot of players think that real money online poker in the U.S. is dead, it is very alive and kicking at Carbon Poker.  For those who played at Poker Stars and Full Tilt, you will find Carbon and Bovada Poker delightfully easy to make money at in comparison.



Lock PokerLock Poker is our most highly rated U.S. friendly poker site aside from Club WPT, which just offers tournaments for a flat monthly fee.  Lock Poker offers all forms of real money poker though, and if you think that there aren’t any top ranked poker sites available to Americans anymore, think again.  Players from other countries are welcome as well.


Poker KingsThis site should be called Fish Kings since it has so many fish in comparison to so few good players.  Very few good players have ever heard of this site, and the ones that have don’t want to play there since they think it is so small.  They are mistaken though, and those of us in the know have been pounding the players there without mercy.  You’re welcome to join us.

Online Poker Networks Reviews

Many of our recommended poker sites reside on a poker network, and some of them are even on the same network.  So to provide you with the most information possible, we’ve also reviewed the networks themselves for you.  Included in this list are reviews to all the biggest poker networks, which you are welcome to check out in addition to our individual poker room recommendations:

Other Valuable Resources

To ensure our expert advice that we provide to you is as comprehensive as we can make it, we’ve also included other resources that some of you may find to be helpful in making the best decision you can as far as which poker sites are worth trying out and collecting bonuses at.

If you play online poker on a Mac, then you know that some poker sites support Mac users more than others.  While you can play at any site if you have the ability to switch to Windows, that’s not what you got your Mac for.  So we have a section called Mac Poker Sites which cover Mac friendly poker sites and this will definitely be of interest to you if you have a Mac.

The majority of the poker rooms that we review unfortunately do not allow U.S. players at this time, which is just the nature of the online poker business right now.  However, our research shows that we get a lot of visitors on our web site from the United States, and we do not want our American friends to feel left out.  So we’ve created a special section called U.S. Poker Sites which only deals with our recommended rooms which currently accept U.S. players.

Finally, as a bonus, you’re welcome to check out one of our older pages which we have kept around for you, due to its having some very good general advice on it, as well as some additional reviews for you of some of our top sites.  It’s called Best Online Poker Sites and although as you will see it only covers a few of them, it is still worth reading along with all of the other material that we have for you which may be of interest.

Our Site Is All About You!

It should be very obvious how much time and effort that has gone into our site, in our quest to make it the very best resource out there for players looking to try out poker sites and collect tons of bonus money.

The reason why you see so much more detailed and comprehensive reviews on our site than you see elsewhere on the internet is due to two main factors, which are the extent of our expertise in this area and our desire to give you the best.

All About YouAs well, it’s easy to see in our reviews how enthusiastic we are about them, and this comes from the countless number of players who have written us to share their great experiences at our recommended poker sites, and how delighted they are to have collected a huge amount of bonus money while at the same time increasing their experiences of the good poker sites out there significantly.

So we welcome both long term friends who have taken advantage of our deals before, and also our new friends who are looking for some great unbiased advice to point them in the right direction.

As you can see from our many recommendations, we are not associated with the poker sites themselves and just tell it like it is, although we only look to tell the good stories and avoid the bad.  So the best thing may be that you will never see an unworthy poker site being reviewed here, and all of our recommendations are well worth trying out at least.

We realize that you are the ultimate decider of where you prefer playing, so we leave that final judgment up to you, although we are very happy to give you a good sized list to choose from and get paid to do so, from among the hundreds of poker rooms out there today.  So enjoy all that bonus money and don’t forget to keep coming back for more and more as you continue your paid poker education!