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The Ongame Network Is Well Worth All Players Opening An Account At

The Ongame Network is the second largest poker network in the world, behind only the iPoker Network.  Ongame is also in the top 5 busiest poker sites overall, meaning that there is more than enough traffic to make having an account there a great idea.

We have many reviews on our site and if it were just a matter of picking the best one, our job would be very easy.  The main reason why there are so many reviews here and so many top recommended rooms is that players really should try out a number of different poker sites, especially given that there is so much bonus money that can be earned.

Ongame Network

Some poker sites, a lot of them in fact, simply aren’t worth playing at, even if they are paying out bonus money to try them out.  You won’t find any of these sites being recommended here though, however you will see quite a few good ones well worth at least trying.

Some players wonder whether, in the end, after you’ve tried out quite a few good poker rooms, if you should then pick just one, your favorite or the one that you do best at, and just stick with that.  As you build up your bankroll through improving your play and collecting the free bonus money that we’ve arranged for you, you are going to want to look to expand your horizon.

So this means that you will want to increase the number of games at your current stake and game preference, which means expanding your reach to several different poker sites.  So the more good poker sites that you have an account at, the more selection and variety you will have.

So for instance if there is a great table on site A and then later on there is a better one on site B or C, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of these opportunities, and therefore increase how well you do and in turn your overall profitability.

So the Ongame Network is one of these core poker sites that everyone really needs to have an account at, at least ideally anyway.  Since it’s always a good idea to shoot for what’s ideal, and the decision here is one that’s definitely in your favor no matter what, opening an account at one of our top recommended rooms on the Ongame Network should really be a no brainer.

Best Sites on the Ongame Network
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We currently don’t recommend playing on the Ongame Network.

There Are A Lot Of Poker Rooms On The Ongame Network, But Only A Couple Of Great Ones

Like many poker networks, Ongame features a large selection of poker rooms to choose from.  Playing at any of them will give you the same access to the same tables and the same players.  Beyond sharing the same software and tables, there are some real differences between rooms on a poker network, and the Ongame Network is no different, so it pays to be selective here.  As always, we’ll be lending you our expertise in making sure that you are playing at the best ones.

OngameBwin is a worldwide leader in online gaming, and is part of the largest gaming company in the world, Bwin Party.  While Party has focused primarily on poker over the years, almost all of Bwin’s players are sports bettors, and their sports betting business has been a phenomenal success over the years, consistently being rated as among the top sites and winning numerous awards.

In their merger with Party, you would think that Party would be the ones to give them some great advice on how to make their poker room even better, but the opposite happened, and the advice from Bwin actually led to some big improvements in Party Poker.

That’s how experienced and knowledgeable the folks at Bwin are, and while their poker room is dwarfed by the millions of players who bet on sports with them, they have really learned how to take care of their players over the years, and this commitment extends to their poker room as well.

Redkings Poker haven’t been around anywhere near as long as Bwin, but they quickly established themselves as one of the best run poker sites in the world.  They are not afraid to use their imagination and are always on the lookout for interesting things to offer their players in order to have them stand out from the crowd at Ongame.

So either of these choices are very good ones to get you in on all of the great action and loads of fish on the Ongame Network.  Both also offer very generous welcome bonuses and player rewards, tons of interesting promotions, a variety of different deposit and withdrawal methods, and excellent customer service when you need it.

The Ongame Network Is Strongly Committed To Its Fishiness

As players, at least the enlightened ones have come to value and appreciate the sheer importance of playing at the fishiest places around.  This is by far the most important feature of a poker room, and in fact supercedes everything else.

Of course, to make this work you need lots of traffic as well, although the Ongame Network certainly qualifies in this regard, having so many active players.  Softness of competition is what makes great poker sites great, and while it’s nice to have all of the other things going for a poker site, if they don’t have fishy players, it all doesn’t matter.

So historically, poker rooms haven’t really paid much attention to this, and their fishiness has pretty much either been by accident or by design.  By design means that many or most of the players that a poker room or network attracts tend to be lower skilled ones, and in essence this is due to their not marketing very aggressively to poker players themselves.

So for instance, with the Ongame Network, they have always gotten most of their players from the numerous sports betting operations that have poker rooms on the network, led by sports betting giant Bwin.  So the bigger sites like Bwin really haven’t needed to market heavily to poker players, and most of the rooms on the network are too small to be able to mount very extensive marketing campaigns.

Ongame Poker Network

So this is the perfect situation as far as we are concerned, as we want more fish and less sharks.  Poker sites haven’t really cared much about how fishy they were and were just looking to maximize their player base regardless, until lately that is.

The Ongame Network is one of a very few poker organizations to realize the importance of attracting as many fish as possible to their long term health, and this is now a major focus of theirs.  Not only does this play a strategic role, they now look at their partner poker rooms to make sure everyone is pulling their weight as far as delivering their fair share of fish to the network and not bringing over too many good players.

Ongame Looks To Take All Of This A Step Forward

So I can’t tell you how great this is for us as this is a critical element in our poker progress.  I’m not just talking good or winning players, although it is true that the fishier a poker site, the more likely we are to make money, and the more money we will make as well.  This is huge to players who are currently not making money yet, as a fishier site means losing less, and that’s at least as important.

So there is a certain amount of money that you will lose before you get good enough to be profitable, and there’s a certain amount of time that it will take before you get there.  Fishier sites make the cost of learning much lower and also makes the time it takes to get profitable much shorter.  So the fishiness of a site is a critical element for everyone.

Fortunately, there are a lot of players who do not really understand how this all works, surprisingly enough.  A lot of these players tend to be above average in skill so these aren’t the kind of players we want at the poker sites that we play at anyway.

Personally, I think that the best thing that ever happened to online poker is the mega multi tabling craze that we see today among so many players, where they feel that the only sites with enough traffic for them is PokerStars.  Let PokerStars have these players, as we certainly don’t want them.

Ongame Poker Platforms

It’s true that even if you are a top player you need to play a ton of tables at once at PokerStars to make any money, because the players there are so tough.  I’d rather play somewhere where you can make even more money just playing one or two at a time.

So for this process to work, we need a steady influx of fish, and in particular, fish that are going to hang around to lose money to us consistently.  First off, fishy sites and networks have a natural advantage here as these players will tend to lose their money more slowly if there are a lot of other fish that play there.

Second, if a lot of players come over from sports betting and other forms of online gambling, these players tend to have a lot more money to lose than your average fish and therefore have a lot more longevity.

Although Ongame has all of these things going for them, they’ve come up with a new rewards program called Essence, and the essence of it is that it rewards the fish more than the good players.  Some good players have thought that this disadvantages them, but extra money in the hands of fish gets them happier, and we end up with that money over time anyway by outplaying them.

So don’t get me wrong, the good players at Ongame are still rewarded generously, but the weaker ones are rewarded even more generously.  This is a brilliant idea in fact and not only attracts more fish to Ongame these days, it keeps them playing there, and puts more money in their hands so that they have more to give us.  More than anything though, it shows how well Ongame understands that fishier is better for everyone and that they are firmly committed to making their poker network even better and even more profitable for us players.

So this is a very good network indeed all around, and if you don’t currently have an account at our top picks, either Bwin Poker or Redkings Poker, now is the time to get started with them.  So go ahead and grab the free money that they have waiting for you and click our links to them right now.