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Playing At Poker Kings Is A Lot Like Going Back In Time

Poker Kings have has been offering its players some of the loosest and most exciting action available anywhere over the last several years, yet this poker room isn’t all that well known among poker players.  The reason for this is because this and other poker rooms that share the same network don’t really market to poker players that extensively.  The collection of rooms on this network are much more geared toward casino gamblers and sports bettors, providing them with the opportunity to play a little poker on the side.

Poker KingsNow, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these kind of players tend to be a lot easier to beat than even the fishiest of pure poker players.  The goal of these non poker players isn’t to play a particular strategy, even a misguided one, it’s instead to look to get involved in some entertaining gambling.  This means playing way too many hands and playing them way too far, often all the way to showdown.  It’s no fun for them to just fold a lot so you don’t see anywhere near as much of that as you do at some other poker sites.  So it then becomes very easy to win money from them, and all we need to do is just play stronger hands.

Many players will lament about how the games these days have become so much tougher.  While in general they are still easy to beat, it does take more skill than it used to in the old days, when things were much more loose and crazy.  However, the old days aren’t gone from every poker site, and there are still poker rooms out there which feature a lot of the exact type of games that these players long for.  Poker Kings is indeed one of those places, which is why I’ve added them to my list of recommended rooms for you.

The International Poker Network

Poker Kings is on the International Poker Network, a collection of poker rooms that share players and tables.  As I’ve said, most of the poker rooms are offshoots of larger gambling operations geared toward other forms of gambling primarily, which is a perfect situation if you’re a poker player like ourselves.  I’ve been sending students to various poker rooms on this network for years, and they’ve been amazed at how easy it is to beat these players out of their money.  Now ideally what you want is a poker room that does focus on poker primarily, so that they understand your needs and take care of you properly.  This is the case with Poker Kings, as you might have gathered from the name, so this is like getting the best of both worlds here, a poker room in a primarily non poker environment.

Traffic At Poker Kings

The International Poker Network is a mid sized poker network, and while it lacks the sheer amount of players you see at the bigger poker sites, the amount of traffic there is more than sufficient to justify it as an excellent addition to your lineup of poker accounts.  Smaller stakes players will find more than enough action there.  As with every other poker site, the action tends to be weighted toward the smaller stakes, meaning that there are more tables running at them at any given time.  So there’s more than enough to have Poker Kings provide all the loose action you desire at these smaller stakes if you choose to make them your sole poker room.

If you play bigger, you’ll want to have accounts at several poker rooms anyway, and Poker Kings is a very nice addition to your selection of the best poker rooms to play at.  This is where a lot of players get confused and end up hurting themselves, as at the mid and higher stakes where things thin out a bit, game selection is even more important, and you need to be choosing the best games across several sites to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

While you could choose to play solely at a mega site instead, it would be foolish to do that when there may be better games elsewhere.  This is why you need to give yourself this ability to choose, and Poker Kings is one of those poker rooms which should be on every player’s list of where to have an account at, along with several other poker rooms that I recommend on

So while you want to start out small as in the initial stages you don’t really have enough of a bankroll to spread it out among several poker rooms, as you build it up, you want to branch out more and give yourself more selection.  In both cases, Poker Kings is a very good choice as far as a poker room to both start out at and have an account at if you play at several poker rooms at once.

Poker Kings Welcome Bonus and Bonus Code

Poker rooms these days are all willing to pay you to try them out, and Poker Kings is no different in this regard.   We’ve arranged for you to receive a 100% bonus with Poker Kings, up to an additional 300 Euros in free cash.  You don’t need a bonus code to get this as just by visiting them through our link and registering with them, you’ll automatically get this bonus when you make your first deposit.

Poker KingsYour bonus becomes released as you play, which is always the case with collecting bonuses.  Poker Kings releases it in 5 Euro increments for you, which is pretty much the smallest increments you will see, and smaller is better here, since the sooner you can get your hands on the money, the better.  They give you a full 90 days to release it all.  Since you’re looking to play poker anyway, you might as well get paid to do it, and therefore the choice becomes deciding to collect bonus money and deciding not to collect it, so that’s an easy choice indeed.

I can tell you that as a long time poker coach, many newer players don’t appreciate the value of using welcome bonuses to build their bankroll, and there are literally tens of thousands of dollars out there with your name on it waiting for you to come by and pick it up.  If you don’t stop by to collect it though, you won’t get it, and considering the fact that all you need to do to get it is to do something you’re already looking to do, which is to play poker, this isn’t something you even need to think about.  However, I’ve found that a lot of players still need a little prodding here, and that’s why I’m mentioning this, in case you are one of them.  Consider yourself prodded.

However, what you do need to keep in mind though is that not every poker room is worth trying out, and there are plenty that aren’t, which is why I advise people to stick to the particular rooms that I recommend on this site, to make sure you’re always being put in good situations where the competition isn’t too difficult, or the poker site isn’t too dead, or too sketchy, or whatever.  All of the rooms that I recommend are worth playing for their own sake, and the bonuses are just that, a bonus.

Poker Kings New Player Freerolls

Just for registering at Poker Kings, you become eligible to play in their weekly new player 1000 Euro freerolls.  These are limited to new players who have joined the site within the last 14 days, so as you can imagine, the fields are very small in these compared to what you normally see in freeroll tournaments.  This is great for you, since it means that there are far less players competing for the prize money with you, and your chances of collecting some nice cash are much higher than normal.

Since these tournaments run weekly, and you are eligible to play in them for two weeks, this means that you get a free ticket to two of them.  When you do sign up though, pay attention to when the next one is running so you don’t miss out, and you really don’t want to miss out on these.  If you’ve made a deposit already, they let you rebuy for just 1 Euro if you end up busting out, so that’s just another reason to make your first deposit with them as soon as possible.

Poker Kings Software

Poker Kings ReviewThe software at Poker Kings hasn’t changed much over the last few years, but that’s not always a bad thing, and in this case they have resisted the temptation to overload their software with a lot of stuff that just ends up slowing it down too much, as some other poker sites have done.  So they deserve kudos for this, and you will appreciate the speed and simplicity that their software offers.  They do give you some options to customize the thing a little, but no more than you need.  I’m a fan of the mega options software as well, but it’s true that this stuff does run slower, and there is definitely something to be said for a very clean look and a very fast program, allowing you to both see what’s going on easier and play more hands per hour and make more money that way.

Poker Kings Bad Beat Jackpot Tables

Poker Kings runs a bad beat jackpot where if you lose a hand with four tens or better at one of their bad beat jackpot tables, you can score a huge payday.  With so many loose players at Poker Kings, the chances of this happening is higher than at just about every other poker site.  The best thing about the bad beat jackpot tables isn’t the jackpot though, it’s people chasing all sorts of junk to try to win it.  While the regular tables at Poker Kings are plenty loose, it’s nothing compared to what you see at these jackpot tables.  This not only increases the chances of your winning the jackpot, it also significantly increases the amount of money you can make by playing sound poker, which is a jackpot in itself.

Poker Kings Tournaments

Poker Kings features a good selection of both single table and multi table tournaments.  They run over 3 million Euros worth of guaranteed prize pool tournaments every month.  They feature a weekly 75,000 Euro guaranteed tournament, in addition to many other smaller tournaments with buy ins to suit every budget.  There’s also plenty of action in the sit n’ go tournaments as well.  The key here though is the softer competition that you find at Poker Kings, which extends into the tournaments as well.  They also offer some nice freerolls where you can use your frequent player points to enter, after you’ve used them to free up your introductory bonus.

Poker Kings Deposit And Withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal methods at Poker Kings are somewhat limited compared to a lot of other poker sites, but they still provide several to choose from.  You can use Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Switch, Neteller, Check, or a wire transfer to deposit with them.  As far as cashing out, all these methods are available as well, although you may or may not be able to withdraw to your Visa credit card depending on what country you live in.  They do provide you with the list of countries you can do this from so there’s no confusion.  The cashier automatically displays the particular options for your country which makes things convenient and simple.  So it’s really not that difficult to get money in and out of their poker site, and the wire transfer option is particularly nice as far as cashouts are concerned, since they put the money right into your bank account without having to go through a third part processor like an internet wallet.

Poker Kings Company Information

Poker Kings have been offering online poker since 2007 so they aren’t one of these Johnny Come Lately poker rooms and are well established.  They are part of a much larger gaming company called Gaming VC Corporation which is traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange.  Poker Kings is widely considered to be one of the most financially solid and reputable poker rooms on the internet, and in particular, having its parent being a public corporation is a big advantage, as all dealings must be completely above board and in public view.  Their management is also dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers and is always on the lookout for ways to improve the experiences of its players.

My Recommendation

I always seek to provide you with the best places to try out as far as playing poker online.  In terms of Poker Kings, although not a lot of players have even heard of it, it really is a hidden gem out there and it actually ends up being a favorite of a lot of my students.  I’ve seen some of them go from a very small deposit to a very nice sized bankroll of a few thousand dollars in a pretty short period of time, maybe even faster than what can be achieved at other good poker sites.  So this site should be of particular interest to smaller stakes players as the competition is pretty much as bad as it gets, which is what you really want to be focusing on.  However players of every stake will find some enjoyable games here and it’s well worth everyone checking out.  Just click on our special link to them to get the fun started.

Poker Kings Bonus Code


In 2018, The Bonus At Poker Kings Is Just The Start

Poker Kings BonusPoker Kings is on the very fishy International Poker Network, which is one of the best kept secrets in online poker.  Few poker players have ever heard of this network, yet it’s one of the busiest poker networks on the internet.  While the traffic has dropped off since the departure of the network’s former flagship poker room to another network, there’s still quite a bit of action here and if anything the network has become even fishier, with the exit of a lot of actual poker players making the percentage of wild gamblers to poker players even higher.

All this adds up to some very juicy action for us.  You might not want to just play here but you definitely need to get an account at Poker Kings so you don’t miss out on some of the fishiest poker anywhere.  The real bonus here isn’t even the nice bonus money they give you, it’s all the extra money you make by playing against mostly casino gamblers and sports bettors, who are more than willing to lose their stacks over and over again for the thrill of the action.  It’s even more thrilling for us of course as we rake in all the big pots they don’t mind giving us.

Poker Kings Will Match Your Initial Deposit In Free Bonus Money For You

Poker Kings is prepared to pay you for trying them out if you’ve never had an account there before.  The more you deposit, the more free money they give you, up to an additional 300 Euros.  They release your Poker Kings bonus in 5 Euro increments, so regardless of your bonus size, you’ll get a steady flow of bonus money as you play there and try out their poker site.  Each raked hand and each tournament you play earns you frequent player points, and once you’ve accumulated enough, they automatically release more bonus money into your account, until you’ve earned it all.

Poker Kings Also Welcomes You With A Nice New Players Freeroll

All you have to do is register with them and they will enter you into a 1000 Euro freeroll.  You don’t even have to make a deposit yet to cash in on this, although if you do they let you rebuy for 1 Euro, which is dirt cheap and can really jack up your chances of finishing in the money.  These freerolls run once a week and you’re eligible to enter as long as you haven’t been a member of Poker Kings for more than 14 days, so that means that you’re eligible to play in a total of two of these nice freerolls.

Poker Kings Bonus Code 2018

Often you need to enter in a special bonus code that we’ve set up for you in order to become entitled to the bonus offer.  In this case though there’s no need to do so as just going through our special link to Poker Kings will automatically entitle you to the full 200% first deposit match in bonus money, up to an additional 300 Euros.  That is 100% more than regularly advertised on Poker Kings! So keep in mind that this bonus is just the start of things there, and after you’ve gotten paid to try out their poker site, should you decide to play on, they’ve got further rewards for you as they look to keep your business.

Clear Cookies Poker Kings

Remember Though That A Poker Site’s Softness Of Competition Is Really King

I can’t emphasize enough that the real appeal of a poker site isn’t so much the bonus money you get, it’s more about how profitable the site is overall, meaning how well you’ll do at one poker site versus another.  There’s no question that Poker Kings earns high marks in this area, so in that sense your membership there is a gift that just keeps on giving, and if you’re any good at all, the bonus money will be just that, a bonus, on top of the money you win from all the fish that play there.

Even if you’re a terrible player, and can’t beat casino gamblers, you’ll lose less while you learn the game, which is just as important if that’s where your game is at.  When starting out, prior to becoming profitable at the game of poker, it’s very important to look to minimize your losses until you get things figured out enough, and the best way to do this is of course to play against weak competition.

So the bottom line here is that if you’re already profitable, you definitely want to look to maximize your winnings, and if you’re not profitable yet, you definitely want to minimize your losses.  So regardless of where your game is at presently, you can only achieve the  best results possible by paying very close attention to making sure you’re in the softest games you can find.  Poker Kings definitely is a poker site that has this kind of action.

So Let’s Get Started

Just click on our link and you’re on your way to getting paid to try out what is considered by many to be one of the easiest poker rooms to win money at anywhere.  While you do want to check out our other nice bonus offers as well, there’s no reason why you can’t get paid by all of these recommended poker rooms in time, so it’s never a matter of choosing between them.  So there’s no reason not to just jump in on this one and collect the free bonus money that Poker Kings has waiting for you.

Poker Kings Tournaments


Poker Kings Tournaments Are All About The Bad Competition

When it comes down to my evaluating poker sites in terms of the quality of the tournaments there, the big question I always look to ask is how easy it is to do well at them versus other poker sites.  So you may have noticed in my reviews on tournaments at various poker sites, the ones with the easiest tournaments tend to score the highest.  Poker Kings is definitely in this category due to just how bad the fish there tend to be.

So imagine yourself in a sit and go where players are playing recklessly and letting you just cruise into the money by playing solid poker.  Or your playing heads up with a fool that doesn’t know how to fold properly and will pay you off every time you have a good hand, and you don’t pay him off when he has one.  Or you’re in a bigger tournament with people letting you build your stack more and more by playing badly against you.  So in all of these situations, it all translates into a higher win expectation for you, and winning is the reason we all play tournaments.  So we should always want to win the most we can, and playing at a poker room like Poker Kings will achieve this.

It’s Really Just All About Trying Out Poker Rooms

There are several very good poker rooms which I recommend on this site and many have some nice tournament action.  So as you are reading this you might be thinking to yourself, well how do I choose which one is best for me?  Well the short answer is that you do not have to make this choice, as there’s no reason why you can’t try several or even try them all.  Aside from the benefits of the experience you’ll gain, we’ve also arranged for you to get paid nicely for your efforts as well.  Imagine getting paid to play a game you really like.  In the end, it will be all up to you where you end up playing the most, and I’m just here to point you in the right direction.  Poker Kings is definitely one of the places that is in that right direction.

Poker Kings Has Round The Clock Tournament Action

Poker Kings has taken the trouble to schedule their tournaments to ensure that there’s always something going on.  Not everyone likes to play them at the same time of day, and people also live in different time zones.  Poker Kings state that they strategically plan their schedule to accommodate this, and in particular, to make sure that there are no dead zones regardless of where you live or when you like to play.  I know that I tend to play at some pretty strange hours myself, and I always appreciate the ability to have the freedom to decide to play when I want to, rather than when others want to.

You Don’t Even Have To Deposit To Start Getting In On The Fun

Poker Kings offers a weekly new player freeroll with a prize pool of 1000 Euros, and all you need to do in order to earn your free seat at them is simply open an account.  You don’t even have to put in any money in yet, although you really should do so as soon as you can.  However, if you have made a deposit, they let you re-buy for just 1 Euro, which is a great investment given the small fields that these tournaments have and the excellent chance you have to win some meaningful money at them.

You may even end up giving yourself a real big head start at building your bankroll at these, doubling or tripling what you initially put in after just playing one of these free tournaments.  You are eligible to play in them for 14 days after you register with them, so this gives you the opportunity to get in on not just one but two of these nice freerolls.

Poker Kings Frequent Player Points Freerolls

With every hand you play and every tournament you enter, you earn frequent player points.  Poker Kings offers three of these freerolls every week, and the amount of frequent player points you need to get a free seat at them is pretty minimal, so this makes them accessible to even players who don’t play a whole lot.  One of the great things about the freerolls at Poker Kings is that they are very exclusive and instead of playing against a huge field you see at many other poker sites, the amount of players in these isn’t that big at all.  So this means a lot better chance for you to grab some of the nicer prizes.

Poker Kings Guaranteed Multi Table Tournaments

In all, Poker Kings offers a total of 3 million Euros in guaranteed tournaments every month, once again strategically scheduled so that everyone can get in on the action.  Some poker sites only run the bigger ones at certain times of the day, and if that’s not convenient for you, you often get limited to only the smaller ones.  The featured tournament here is the 75,000 Euro guaranteed tournament every Sunday, and they jack this up to 100,000 Euros once a month to provide even more excitement and prize money.  There are a total of 19 tournaments every day offering at least 1000 Euros in guaranteed prize money, so it’s not hard to find several to your liking.

So If You Like Tournaments, There’s Lots To Like At Poker Kings

The real keys here are once again the very soft competition at the tournaments at Poker Kings, combined with their nice bonus of up to 300 Euros just for giving them a try.  When you put the two together, it’s a very nice combination indeed.  So why not give this a try.  Just click on our link to Poker Kings to become automatically eligible for your bonus payday and also experience for yourself some of the loosest and juiciest tournament action available anywhere.